Company Background

Andersen Mechanical, Inc is one of the fastest growing minority-owned (MWESB) Plumbing companies in the Portland metro area. We have grown to become one of the leading providers of commercial & residential plumbing and project system design.

Our many long-term client relationships enable us to integrate planning, engineering and implementation of new systems with project design-build or plan/spec solutions. We help design and execute projects to the greatest potential with qualified professionals, quality products and an experienced team. Andersen Mechanical projects are delivered within budget, on time, and without conflict.

We don't settle for just the current design or material offered; this is our predominant strength. Instead, we always look for ways to improve the efficiency of the systems and be proactive in resolving warranty issues. Our experience, coupled with our open minded approach, enables us to arrive at the very best solution. Attention to detail ensures that our work is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

Andersen Mechanical works with many of Portland’s major construction companies. Our design and construction expertise is often called upon for large or complex building projects including work at hotels, condos, townhomes, apartments, retros and light commercial, as well as state and federal government contracts.

We aim to deliver the very best in energy efficient, eco-friendly mechanical systems. We can also help you select an energy-efficient solution that qualifies for incentives. Installing upgrades that reduce energy use, will lower operating costs and save money, while enhancing the comfort of employees and customers.

Andersen Mechanical is proud of our seasoned construction team, quality workmanship, value, safety performance, resourceful problem solving and most importantly, our outstanding client satisfaction. Our Company’s goal is to become one of the most forward-thinking, problem-solving companies in Oregon.

Our Vision

To envision our customer needs and provide solutions that exceed their expectations with innovative engineering solutions. To provide our customers with the best mechanical advice possible and offer brands that enhance their overall experience with Andersen Mechanical, ultimately saving energy as well as future maintenance costs.

Our Mission

Without a good foundation you cannot succeed, and it starts by having dedicated and loyal employees. We strive to create a relaxed workplace environment that encourages innovation and a common sense approach. We also offer scholarship funds to further each employee’s knowledge in their field, which adds to a higher level of craftsmanship, setting us apart in our industry. We continually strive to meet our objectives while adapting our expertise to match the current needs of the industry.

Our Objective

Our objective is to become one of the most forward thinking leaders in our industry. We recognize that we cannot accomplished this goal, by merely becoming one of the largest companies. Instead, we create an environment where each employee is encouraged to prioritize the customer’s interests. With this balanced approach it creates profit across the board; for our customers, our employees and the community we live in.

“Life is a journey- foot steps of the past are not always good to follow, learning from them is beyond our imagination“